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Membership consists of a practical and financial commitment. Rockingham and Districts Toy Library is a voluntary non-profit organization which operates exclusively on the voluntary services of its members. The library provides educational resources, which may be borrowed by members upon receipt of subscription and acceptance of the Toy Library’s rules. The Toy Library is eligible to apply for funding via grants from Lotterieswest and the City of Rockingham. Membership is open to residents of Rockingham and surrounding districts with children aged between 0 and 6 years old.

Our toy library allows you to borrow toys for threeweeks and you are allowed to borrow up to six toys at any given time. If this amount is exceeded or more toys are desired you will incur an extra cost of $7 per item and a $25 refundable bond. If the toy is returned damaged or has any missing pieces the bond will not be refunded. 

Toys should be returned in the same condition as when borrowed. To ensure longevity of toys please note:
*Members are responsible for keeping toys clean. Toys must be wiped down with hot soapy water before returning.
*All toys should be kept inside except those specifically for outside use.
*Batteries are to be removed before returning toys.
*Should you notice a problem with your toy (damage, missing pieces) please inform a committee member ASAP

Due to the fairness of other members we insist all toys be returned by their due dates. Under no circumstances shall the toys be returned to the centre other than the designated Library day. Should you be unable to return the toys on the designated day, please contact a Committee Member who will be happy to assist you. Should Toys not be returned within 8 weeks of borrowing you may be reported to the police.

If you are interested in becoming a Committee Member, please speak to an existing Committee Member. All toy library members are welcome to attend meetings - check the notice board or contact a committee member for next up coming date. You also have the option of joining our Sub-Committee which gives you the lesser commitment than position holders but provides the opportunity of  working on  projects, taking extra responsibilities and having voting rights on issues discussed at meetings. 

All members are required to attend the Annual General Meeting or give apologies to the President, Treasurer or Secretaries one week before the date of the Annual General Meeting. 

Membership can be cancelled or suspended at the discretion of the Committee due to
*Failure to comply with any of the Rules of Membership
*Excessive damage
*Repeated and consistent loss of toys
*Consistent late returns of toys

All members are advised to read the notice board for Toy Library information. Newsletters will be emailed from time to time to inform members of rosters, alterations of existing arrangements, any working bees or fund-raising events and of forthcoming meetings. This information can also be found on our Facebook page: Rockingham Districts Toy Library. Please inform us promptly of any changes in address, phone number or email.

All suggestions are welcome. If you would like the Toy Library to supply a specific toy or have any ideas for fund-raising or to help the Library operate more effectively, please let us know.

Each membership is for a period of 12 months or 6 months. Membership cost for 12 months is $65.00 per family and for 6 months is $45 per family. A $10 discount is available for valid concession/pensioner card holders. Should you wish not to renew your membership, please let us know so your name can be removed from our records. Refunds via direct deposit can be requested by submission to the committee. Refunds will only be given to members who have not loaned toys. Please allow up to 21 days for this transaction. We accept cash and direct deposit payments. For direct deposits please use your full name as a reference. Membership must be paid before you may loan toys. 

If you return a toy with a piece missing you will be asked to renew that toy for a further 3 weeks.
If after that time the piece can not be found you have a few options: 
1. Replace with a similar item i.e. lost apple replace with orange, missing cow replace with sheep
2. If it is a small piece that is not detrimental to the working ability of that toy such as a piece of food or a flag for a car track that you are unable to replace you are asked to pay a fine of 5% of the original price of the toy.
3. If it a larger piece that is not detrimental to the working ability of that toy the fine is 10% of the original price of that toy.
4. If the toy is broken beyond repair the fine is 50% of original price of toy if over 12 months old, and 100% of toy if under 12 months old (you then are able to keep that toy)

The Rockingham and Districts Toy Library Inc. takes no responsibility whatsoever for any damage to property, or personal injury arising directly or indirectly from any cause relating to its equipment and whether such damage or injury occurs on the premises or elsewhere.

As the Toy Library is a voluntary organization, each member is asked to help with the running and do a minimum of one roster every 3 months. This can be completed by you, a friend or family member. Children are welcome at roster. A fining system is in place for those that don’t comply with this mandatory requirement. Members can 'opt' out of roster duties by paying a levy $20 for 6month memberships & $40 for 12months memberships.
Each member is required to complete roster duty as determined by the current toy library membership.
As it will now be a requirement of membership we are also issuing a fining system as follows;
I.        For the first ‘no show’ roster duty you will be issued an official warning.
II.       For the second no show roster duty your borrowing rights will be suspended until a roster duty is performed.
III.      For the third no show roster duty your membership will be revoked without refund
There is a roster sheet pinned at Toy Library for each member to put their name down, generally two months in advance. We need a minimum of two members per duty (one must know how to use the computer)
If you are unable to do a roster due to a personal reason occurring on the rostered day we do understand. You must ring the rostering coordinator or any other committee member with at least 48 hours notice and we will endeavor to get another member to do a swap with you. It is your responsibility to keep track of your roster commitments and if you do not volunteer you will be rostered on and advised of your duty date

Members must help with the annual stocktake. Children are always welcome at toy library events, and remember many hands make light work 

As we are a not for profit organization we do participate in Fundraising during the year. Help with the fundraising is part of your membership – if you choose not to participate a $40 fee is payable per membership period.




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